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Dear S.O.D.A. Families,

Our fall schedule will be out soon! Fall classes start Tuesday, September 8th! I cannot wait to dance at the studio with everyone again! Since the vote was to repeat our year, all classes will remain roughly the same time and day (with a few exceptions). Although classes will remain the same, they will be listed as the next age group up on the schedule, and students will be learning new, more challenging skills. Due to increased cleaning & sanitation, there will be a minimum of 15 minutes in between each class (if any students or instructors change). In order to fit all of our current classes on the schedule, many classes are slightly shorter than last year.

We will be sending out an email to each class with next year’s day and time. If you do not receive an email by July 10th, please email us @[email protected]. There is no registration fee for students re-registering for the same class, and every student will receive a free S.O.D..A. dance bag after registering for fall classes! Registration deadline for current students is August 10th. After that date we will allow new students to fill open spots in classes with less than 9 students, providing we can get matching costumes.

With the new guidelines and increased cleaning and sanitation we could only add a limited number of new classes. Students who cannot attend the same class as last year will have the option of registering for one of these new classes before we open them up to any new students. Current students can register for these classes until August 10th. We will be opening up these classes to new (NH) students after that date. We will only be taking 9 students in each new class, and expect them to fill very quickly, so please be sure to register early.

Aerial Students

This fall we will not be adding any new aerial classes. All current students will have a spot saved in the class they took this past season. The only new aerial students we will be accepting are experienced aerialist to fill spots if current students do not return.

With the new guidelines aerial students are not allowed to share equipment without washing between each student. Mats can easily be cleaned between students, but we are not able to wash silks after each student. We have contacted a reputable silk provider to purchase in bulk so aerial students can purchase their own set up, through S.O.D..A., at a discounted price. The set up will come with 1 aerial silk and a rescue 8 or fabric bell, that will be rigged and ready to hang. We ask that the set up is only used during class time, under the supervision of a qualified aerial instructor. We will have more information and pricing soon!

Production & Musical Theatre

We are waiting until October or November to decide what we should do about Musical Theatre & Production. With the guidelines we cannot fit Production or Musical theatre in the studio with the required 6 foot boxes. We also do not know if groups this large will be allowed to perform/compete. If we are allowed to perform/compete, and the 6 foot guidelines change, we will be adding Musical Theatre & Production to the schedule in November. Production will most likely meet 2 times per month on a Friday after 5:45pm. Musical Theatre will most likely meet 2 times per month on Thursdays at 4:15. Please hold onto your costume and props!

Costume getting too small?

No worries! We can still take costume exchanges until July 20th for students who need the next size up. We will be posting more costume exchange days soon.