52 Church Street, Kingston, NH

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Dear S.O.D.A. Company families,

I would like to start by saying thank you! Thank you for being so supportive, patient, and understanding! I have received so many kind messages and emails from S.O.D.A. families. It really means so much to me! Each and every kind email made me smile in this very stressful time.

Groove emailed me this morning to say that they are postponing the March Competition in Westbrook. They have re-scheduled the competition for May 1st - 3rd. S.O.D.A. will be competing on Saturday, May 2nd (after 2pm), and Sunday, May 3rd. They will refund any dancers that cannot attend due to the date change.

I realize this is the end of the April vacation week, (if that is even a thing this year), and many people may be away. I know that the date change is not ideal for everyone. Please let me know if you cannot attend the competition, and I will let Groove know so that we can start the process of getting you a refund.

I am so happy we have another chance for dancers to compete, and perform on stage! Stay healthy, and keep practicing!