52 Church Street, Kingston, NH

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Hi Everyone, 

If you are in an aerial number in shows 1 or 2, we apologize, as we have to switch your dress rehearsal to Thursday, June 20th at 4pm.    Due to other functions at the school, we were just informed that our rigger is not able to get into the school until Tuesday to hang the bars to attach our equipment to.  It is only the aerial routines in dress rehearsal 1 & 2 that will have to change.   All dances in shows 1 & 2, will still attend their show 1 or 2  dress rehearsal.    We are so sorry for this inconvenience.   We will run all aerial routines in shows 1 & 2 between 4pm - 5pm at the Thursday dress rehearsal.   Please help spread the word to all of our aerial families in shows 1 & 2.   Again, I am so sorry for the last minute change.