52 Church Street, Kingston, NH

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S.O.D.A.  2019-2020 CALENDAR

September 9th 

-Dance Company Registration Deadline 

-Fall Classes Start

October 1st 

-First Company Payment Due 

*Dance Team & Intro to Ballet Company Only have this one payment

October 14th 

-Columbus Day - No Classes 

October 25th - October 31st 

-Halloween Dress Up Week! 

November 1st 

-Company Costume Payments Due 

November 27th - November 30th 

-Thanksgiving Break - No Classes 

December 1st 

-Recital Costume Payment Due 

-Second Company Payment Due

December 23rd - January 1st 

-Holiday Break - No Classes 

January 1st 

-3rd Company Payment Due 

*Elites Only 

February 24th - February 29th 

-February Vacation - No Classes 

April 27th - May 2nd 

-April Vacation - No Classes 

May 22nd, 23rd, 24th 

-Recitals - See Fall Schedule for show numbers

Show 1:  Friday, May 22nd, 6pm

Show 2:  Saturday, May 23rd, 1pm 

Show 3:  Saturday, May 23rd, 5pm 

Show 4:  Sunday, May 24th, 1pm 

Show 5:  Sunday, May 24th, 5pm