52 Church Street, Kingston, NH

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S.O.D.A. January News!


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break, and look forward to getting back into the studio this week. We would like to ask that students who traveled, or gathered in large groups for the holidays, please take classes remotely until 10 days have passed. We would also like to ask that if anyone is sick (even a small cold) or has a fever, please stay home and take classes remotely.


We are currently making plans for our year end recital! Although we do not know if an auditorium performance will be safe, or even allowed this spring, we have LOTS of other plans in the works! We have not set definite dates yet, but most likely between the last week in May and the first 2 weeks of June. Some options we are looking into are outdoor performances, studio showcases, and we have even looked into renting out a drive in movie theatre and watching the dances on the big screen! We will definitely have some sort of performance (possibly multiple options) for all of our hard working S.O.D.A. dancers & aerialists! Stay tuned for more information….


We are very excited to offer Savvi activewear at S.O.D.A.! Be sure to check out our Savvi Shoppe when you come in! We have a variety of leggings, sports bras, and layers to try on and/or purchase at the studio! You can also purchase through our online shoppe at! New styles are released every Friday at 1:30pm! Click “shop the drop” to check out the new styles!

“New Year Savvi Savings!”

January 2nd - January 30th

-Receive $5 off your purchase of $49 or more! (of in stock items at S.O.D.A.)

-Receive $10 off your purchase of $99 or more! (of in stock items at S.O.D.A.)

-Receive $15 off your purchase of $149 or more (of in stock items at S.O.D.A.)


Most recital costumes have already been ordered. Please be sure to turn in your costume order right away if you will be participating in the recital, and have not ordered yet. If you do not need a new costume, please make a note on the order form so Amanda knows you already have your costume from last year.