52 Church Street, Kingston, NH

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We have confirmed our recital dates! All families with students who wish to participate will have 1 recital fee. The fee will include 2-4 seats for the show/shows, (depending on guidelines/restrictions),a free video upload of recital/recitals, and live streaming of the performance!
Shows 1,2,&3 will be Saturday, May 29th
Shows 4&5 will be Sunday, May 30th
We have rented a full size covered stage with lights & sound! The shows will be held outside at SODA!
We will be videotaping our aerial pieces in studio on Sunday, May 23rd so we can add them into our recital DVD’s. If dance family only has students enrolled in aerial they will receive a free video upload of the recital (with aerial pieces added in), and will not be charged a recital fee.
Since we will have a limited audience for our outdoor performance, and we cannot have an audience for our indoor aerial performance, we will be showing all recitals (with the aerial pieces added in) at the drive in this spring/summer as well! This will be ~ $25-$30 per carload.

1st Place - Cailyn Pollard "Glorious"
5th Place - Alexa Bade "In Case You Don't Live"
7th Place - Ellie Delea "Elevated"
9th Place - Katie Rice "Heaven I Know"
10 Place - Riley Cina "What A Wonderful World"
1st Place - "Juan Loco"
2nd Place - "Sound Of Silence"
1st Place - "Music Box"
4th Place - "The Battle"
5th Place - "Boyz"
1st Place - "An Evening I Won't Forget"
2nd Place - "The Maze"
3rd Place - "Youth"
4th Place - "Sparkle"
1st Place - "Dynamite" Darby's Dancers! Perfect Score!
Lauren Mcnamara - "Tapping Your Heart Out"
Music Box - "Succinct Sounds"
An Evening I Won't Forget - "Gracious Group"
Sound Of Silence - "Truly Mesmerizing"
Glorious - "Graduate With Swagger"
"Sound Of Silence"
Alexa Bade
Sound Of Silence
Emilie Buchanan
Alexa Bade
Ella Doherty
The Maze - Diamond!
Jealous - Platinum!
The Sound Of Silence - Diamond!
Boyz - Platinum!
In Cast You Don't Live Forever - Diamond!
The Battle - Platinum!
Dynamite - Diamond PERFECT SCORE!
Heaven I Know - Diamond!
Juan Loco - Diamond!
Halo - Platinum!
What A Wonderful World - Platinum!
Music Box - Diamond!
Immortals - Platinum!
Youth - Platinum!
Elevated - Diamond!
An Evening I Won't Forget - Diamond!
Glorious - Diamond!
Sparkle - Platinum!




I am super proud of all our SODA dancers! Groove was our first performance in almost a year, and SODA dancers were amazing! Can’t wait to see everyone on stage again! Go S.O.D.A!


-ACRO/BALLET/OPEN INDUSTRY DANCE AWARD: “Sparkle” Steppin’Out Dance Academy!

Special Awards

“Crisp & Clean” - “Home” - Steppin’Out!

“Best Costume” - “Having A Blast” - Steppin’Out

“Mesmerizing Movement” - “The Maze” - Steppin’Out

High Score Awards

-NOVICE MINI DUO/TRIO 1st PLACE! : “All I Need” - Steppin’Out!

-NOVICE PETITE SMALL GROUP 1ST Place!: “Forever Starts Today” - Steppin’Out!

-NOVICE JUNIOR SMALL GROUP 1st Place!: “Rock & Roll Is King” - Steppin’Out!

-NOVICE JUNIOR SMALL GROUP 2nd Place!: “Smallest Light” - Steppin’Out!

-NOVICE JUNIOR SMALL GROUP 3rd Place!: “You Are The Reason” - Steppin’Out!

-INTERMEDIATE JUNIOR LARGE GROUP 1st Place!: “Everybody Dance Now”- Steppin’Out!

-INTERMEDIATE JUNIOR LARGE GROUP 3rd Place!: “Happy Together” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE TEEN SMALL GROUP 4th Place!: “Sounds Of Silence” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE TEEN SMALL GROUP 5th Place!: “Juan Loco” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE TEEN LARGE GROUP 2nd Place!: “Music Box” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE TEEN LARGE GROUP 3rd Place!: “Home” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE TEEN LARGE GROUP 4th Place!: “Where’s My Love” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE TEEN LARGE GROUP 5th Place!: “Shoud’ve” - Steppin’Out!

-INTERMEDIATE SENIOR SOLO 10th Place!: “Immortals” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE SENIOR SMALL GROUP 8th Place!: “Youth” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE SENIOR SMALL GROUP 9th Place!: “Sparkle” - Steppin’Out!

-COMPETITIVE ADULT LARGE GROUP 1st Place!: “Having A Blast” - Steppin’Out!

Groove Adjudicated Awards & Category Placement

-BOYZ - Elite Sapphire - 3rd Place Senior Competitive Small Group Jazz!

-EVERYBODY DANCE NOW - Diamond - 1st Place Junior Intermediate Large Group Tap!

-YOU ARE THE REASON - Diamond - 2nd Place Junior Small Group Ballet!

-HOME - Diamond - 2n Place Teen Competitive Large Group Tap!

-THE SOUND OF SILENCE - Diamond - 2nd Place Teen Competitive Small Group Tap!

-YOUTH - Diamond - 2nd Place Senior Competitive Small Group Jazz!

-HAVING A BLAST - Diamond - 1st Place Competitive Adult Large Group Tap!

-GLORIOUS - Diamond - 1st Place Competitive Senior Tap Solo!

-ELEVATED - Diamond

-UPGRADE YOU - Elite Sapphire - 3rd Place Competitive Teen Small Group Hip Hop!

-DON’T SLACK - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Novice Junior Small Group Jazz!

-THE BATTLE - Elite Sapphire - 2nd Place Competitive Senior Small Group Ballet!

-HAPPY TOGETHER - Diamond - 1st Place Intermediate Junior Large Group Ballet!

-LITTLE PARTY - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Competitive Teen Large Group Jazz!

-0 - Elite Sapphire - 2nd Place Competitive Teen Large Group Ballet!

-FOREVER STARTS TODAY - Diamond - 1st Place Novice Petite Large Group Ballet!

-THE MAZE - Diamond - 2nd Place Competitive Senior Large Group Lyrical!

-NOTHING LIKE A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP - Diamond - 1st Place Adult Comp. Lg. Group Jazz!

-ROCK & ROLL IS KING - Diamond - 1st Place Novice Junior Small Group Tap!

-EVERY HEART - Elite Sapphire - 2nd Place Competitive Teen Large Group Lyrical!


-HALO - Elite Sapphire


-MUSIC BOX - Diamond - 1st Place Competitive Teen Large Group Tap!

-EDGE OF GLORY - Diamond - 2nd Place Intermediate Junior Large Group Jazz!

-JEALOUS - Diamond

-WE ROCK - Diamond - 1st Place Novice Petite Large Group Tap!

-IMMORTALS - Elite Sapphire - 2nd Place Intermediate Senior Solo Tap!

-HEAVEN I KNOW - Elite Sapphire

-JUAN LOCO - Diamond - 3rd Place Competitive Teen Small Group Tap!

-TWIGHLIGHT - Elite Sapphire

-SMALLEST LIGHT - Diamond - 1st Place Novice Junior Small Group Lyrical!

-EVENINGS - Diamond - 3rd Place Competitive Senior Small Group Lyrical!

-MEJORES AMIGOS - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Competitive Teen Large Group Ballet!

-SHOULD’VE - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Competitive Teen Large Group Lyrical!

-ALL I NEED -Diamond - 1st Place Novice Mini Duo/Trio Ballet!

-LOOKING TOO CLOSELY - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Intermediate Junior Large Group Lyrical!

-SPARKLE - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Competitive Senior Small Group Ballet!

-WELL, WELL, WELL, - Diamond - 1st Place Competitive Adult Line Tap!

-WHERE’S MY LOVE - Elite Sapphire - 1st Place Comp, Teen Large Group Contemporary!


I just received an email from Groove that the competition IS running the weekend of February 19th - 21st! Since The Capital City Performing Arts Center is currently closed, they have changed the location to the Doubletree Hotel (Conference Center), in Nashua, NH. The new address is 2 Somerset Pkwy, Nashua, NH 03063.

I am very happy to say that Groove has implemented several new safety protocols for the New Hampshire Competition. I have to admit, I was nervous when I first heard they were going ahead with the competition, but once I saw all the new protocols I felt fully reassured! I have listed a few below!

1. BLOCK SCHEDULING: Only 1-2 studios will be scheduled during each block. Since our studio is so large, our block will only include S.O.D.A. dancers! I LOVE this!

2. MANDATORY MASKS: Masks will be mandatory for all attendees INCLUDING while dancers are performing on stage.

3. MANDATORY TEMPERATURE CHECKS: All attendees will have their touch free temperature taken before being admitted. In accordance to the CDC, anyone displaying a temperature of 100.4 or higher, will first be given the opportunity for a 5 minute “cool down”. If the second temperature check reads 100.4 or higher, they will be denied entrance to the event.

4. MANDATORY LIMITED SPECTATORS: Spectators are limited to 1 spectator per registered dancer.

5. ASSIGNED DRESSING ROOMS: We will have our own dressing room!

Groove will be sending us an updated competition schedule approximately 10 days prior to competition. If the event gets re-scheduled we will let everyone know right away. I am super excited for the students to have the chance to dance on the stage!



It is great to be back in the studio! The students are working so hard, and doing an amazing job following the guidelines. We have some great news! We were just informed that we are allowed to do formation changes, and floor work (moving out of our 8X8 boxes), as long as dancers do not touch, remain distanced, and wear masks, shoes, and leggings or tights (no bare legs). Students will be reminded to sanitize and wash hands frequently, and floors will continue to be sanitized in between classes. Dancers will continue to socially distance once they pass by other dancers to move to their new spots (they will move to another socially distanced box). *Students may dance barefoot if they stay inside their own box the entire class.


-Company families will see a credit for last year’s Groove fees on their accounts between November 2nd - November 5th, and new competition fees for Groove will be posted on November 9th. New fees will be due by December 1st. *If you are competing all the same dances as last year you will not owe any entry fees. If you are adding dances you will owe $70 per group dance.

-Groove Competition Dates & Location:

February 19th - 21st

Capitol Center for the Arts

44 South Main Street

Concord, NH 03301

-Host Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn Concord
172 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 224-9534

Room Rate:$139

Room Block Name: Groove National Dance Competition

Reservation Deadline:January 29, 2021

-Groove Covid Information (found on their website)

Last Updated: October 22, 2020

Greetings! Thank you all so much for sticking with us as we navigate through our Competition Season and move forward into our 2020-2021 Season. As a company, it is our goal to bring dancers, educators and families together to celebrate the love of dance. Our plan is to continue to give you an amazing, fun and inspiring competition experience while doing it in the safest way possible.

We are committed to the health and well-being of our employees and attendees, as well as the safety of our workplace and event spaces. We are complying with all requirements and best practices associated with our office, warehouse and event venues in order to move forward in a secure and efficient manner. Our 2020-2021 Season will be featuring tour-wide safety precautions as well as event-specific provisions. NOTE: THESE WILL BE UPDATED AS CONDITIONS AND INFORMATION CHANGES.

Tour-Wide Procedures

The following precautions will be taken at all events.

  • Masks will be recommended for attendees
  • Temperature checks will be recommended for attendees
  • Mandatory, daily temperature checks for Groove staff members
  • Socially-distanced group seating
  • Additional award ceremonies scheduled to reduce crowds/number of attendees at once
  • In addition to our general entry caps that allow for a comfortable schedule for all in attendance, we will further be limiting the amount of entries we accept per event to reduce crowds
  • Attendees will be unable to try on merchandise prior to purchasing 
  • Stage floor and equipment cleaning and sanitation throughout the day
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue - we also encourage attendees to bring hand sanitizer
  • As always, our events will feature live streams for all performances and award ceremonies
  • Limited spectators will be recommended
  • Additional venue staff/janitorial staff accompanied by very frequent venue cleaning and sanitation
  • There will be no scoring deductions for costumes featuring additional safety features on stage including, but not limited to: masks, gloves, face shields, etc.
  • If a dancer, educator or attendee of any kind is feeling sick, we HIGHLY recommend staying home
  • Studio Directors :: Please reach out to us for refund information regarding dancers who test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of your event

Event-Specific Procedures

Each area of the United States has been affected by COVID-19 differently. Based on the restrictions of local authorities, we MAY issue additional precautions in some cities. The list below are some precautions that you MAY see in your city.

Groove will send out an update four weeks prior to your event (and, if needed, an additional update two weeks prior to your event) featuring any event-specific precautions that are deemed necessary at that time. These will also be included in your event packet posted two weeks prior to your event.

Additional event specific precautions MAY include, but are not limited to:

  • Block scheduling – This means we will have a single/a few studios in the building at a time throughout the event weekend in rotation
  • Mask and non-mask seating sections
  • Mandatory masks
  • Mandatory temperature checks
  • Dressing room mandates including but not limited to: socially distanced dressing rooms, studio by studio dressing rooms, etc.
  • Mandatory limited spectators

Our entire careers have been dedicated to creating an amazing experience for young dancers and having to delay this experience has been heartbreaking. We love our dancers, our studios and this industry and cannot WAIT to get back on stage! Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!

Peace and Love,
The Groove Team